Lorehammer - A Warhammer 40k Podcast

Lorehammer is a podcast that focuses on the lore of the Warhammer 40k setting. In each episode we talk about a specific aspect of the universe, sharing known information followed by a discussion portion. Easily digestible, informative and entertaining, welcome to Lorehammer.

53 - Heretic Astartes

August 9th, 2019

Slavery to freedom. Abandonment to brotherhood. Betrayal to devotion. These and many more were promised to those Astartes that left the Imperium to join their brother's cause and rebel against the Emperor. In a world where your only value is the measure of what you can do for Humanity, it's no wonder that it's members can feel alone. In this episode, we discuss what a Heretic Astartes is, how they came to be, and how they continue to exist.

Joining us for this episode are Tim, and for the last time, Chris.

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